A cast iron guarantee

The NSSO and Social Media

Here is a 100% cast iron guarantee.

John Cope and Madame Marie Reymond, founders of our orchestra in 1904, never dreamt of the Internet, Blogging or Facebook. No, in those days they would only just be getting to grips with a new-fangled invention called a water closet!

But over 110 years after the orchestra gave its first performance in Burslem Town Hall, we now have a NSSO Facebook Group and a NSSO History Blog.

 The Facebook Group was set up by NSSO stalwart Pam Booth. Pam really is a dedicated member. She plays Second Violin and holds a hugely important position in the orchestra, that of  Orchestra Manager.

Pam works tirelessly to support and promote the activities of the NSSO and to this end set about launching the Facebook Group. It went live, without any fuss or fanfare, on 17 January 2014, but slowly and surely it has been gathering momentum and is there for all the world to see.  Well done Pam!

If you’re signed up to Facebook and would like to see what’s going on, here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1374811852783045/

You can become a member of the group, upload your own posts, and keep up to date with what others are saying.

And this, the History Blog has been created by Terry Woolliscroft.  Terry was a long-serving trumpet player but has now ‘retired’ to Front of House duties. Terry can often be seen on concert days with his sister Kathy Niblett and many other volunteers, assisting the audience.

This new blog complements Kathy’s excellent book ‘A Unique Orchestra’ which she researched, wrote and published in 2004 to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the NSSO.

The book is a fascinating and detailed history and there are a few copies left at £8.95 incl postage. Use the contact page here> if you would like to get in touch and buy one.  Sales go towards the orchestra's operating costs.

This blog is growing as more information, text, movies and photographs are added to it. Have a look around, and here is another guarantee – you’ll love it!