The Grave

John Cope and Madame Marie Reymond are buried together

John Cope and Madame Marie Reymond are buried in the same grave in Hanley Cemetery, Stoke-on-Trent. Here is the approx location of the grave which is Number 7408 -

Walk through the chapel gateway, do a left angle after about 50m, then turn right, and the grave is in area box 76.

But also buried in that grave are Marie's parents. More research is required to discover why Marie's parents (the Holst family) left Denmark to come to England, and The Potteries in particular, with just one of their six children (Marie) in the late 1887.

Photos of the grave in Hanley Cemetery, July 2015

Grave No 7408 John Cope and the Holst Family

Short excerpt from Fred Hughes Blog
Taking care of graveyard memorials 
As published in the print copy of The Sentinel, 4 July 2015

"Another plot I went to see, this time in Hanley cemetery, was the memorial of the orchestral conductor John Cope and his mentor, Madame Reymond, who jointly founded North Staffs Symphony Orchestra. In 2004 the memorial stood upright in modest dignity. But since then it too has been reduced to ruins, as had many more important gravestone monuments across the city.

It was around 2008 that the council, under some health and safety directive, had gone all out to topple memorials it considered dangerous to the public, mainly dog walkers. Though why an act of institutionalised vandalism was considered the appropriate way to make structures safe was never explained.  more here>